The new Erasmus programme 2021-2027 has been launched today (Thursday 25 March, 2021)

Important deadlines are:

  • Mobility projects, Key Action 1: 11 May 2021;
  • Cooperation projects, Key Action 2: 20 May 2021.

​Download the new Erasmus+ Programme Guide here:

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This document provides information on:

  • the priorities of the programme,
  • the actions supported,
  • the funding available for different actions,
  • detailed information on participation.

Please find all model application forms HERE

The new Erasmus+ Programme Guide has been published today

The Erasmus + programme aims to help generations of Europeans to become active citizens, with the skills, knowledge and experience to tackle the challenges facing our society, both now and in the years to come.

Erasmus + projects address many of the challenges that Europe faces, both now and in the years to come. There are projects that help us move towards a more circular, green economy, where little is wasted, and pollution is minimised. Other projects nurture the democratic process in Europe and its influence globally. There are projects that focus on inclusion of those who are socially or economically marginalised, while others help prepare today’s youth for an increasingly digital world.

Discover the 6 priorities:

The programme offers a lot of possibilities for teachers and trainers: