Cost Structure


Prices for the schoolyear 2022-2023

This cost structure doesn’t apply for the course in Iceland, nor is it applicable for schools participating in one of the consortia coordinated by Eekhout Academy.

The costs structure for the course in Iceland can be found on the specific web page.

BASIC PACKAGE: € 605 (€ 480 + € 125)

The basic package includes the course fee and costs/fees for essential study visits.

The course fee of € 480 covers only the use of the conference room, the use of ICT in the conference room, the costs of the trainers, the development of the course sessions by the trainers, access to the online course materials and the administrative and communication costs.
The course fee of € 480 equals the received Erasmus+ funding and the foreseen 20 % co-financing.

The costs and fees for essential study and/or school visits and transport for the course activities that are part of the course programme equal € 125.


If you wish to obtain all necessary certificates, you can do so, through this package.

This package includes everything that the basic package entails, including all needed certificates and documents that you might require, for example Certificate of Attendance, Certificate of Learning Outcome, Europass, Quality Agreements, Mobility Agreements and other certificates …


The full package includes everything that the basic package entails with all needed certificates and catering (such as midday lunches, coffee breaks, refreshments and catering during study/cultural visits,…).

The cost of the full package is almost covered by the received Erasmus+ funding and the foreseen 20 % co-financing:  E+funding for course fee and individual support.


Participants are free to choose their own accommodation. They are then responsible for paying for this themselves.


The participants arrange their own transport to and from the course location and book their own flight. The participants are responsible for the payment of this themselves.

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