The new Erasmus+ programme guide (2021-2027)


The new Erasmus programme 2021-2027 has been launched today (Thursday 25 March, 2021) Important deadlines are: Mobility projects, Key Action 1: 11 May 2021;Cooperation projects, Key Action 2: 20 May 2021. ​Download the new Erasmus+ Programme Guide here: [wpdm_package id='2323'] This document provides information on: the priorities of the programme,the actions supported,the funding available for [...]

How Principals Affect Students and Schools: A Systematic Synthesis of Two Decades of Research


An effective principal’s impact is stronger and broader than previously thought, making it “difficult to envision” a higher return on investment in K-12 education than the cultivation of high-quality school leadership, according to this research synthesis.  Subsequent to this, we highly recommend the online course 'Coaching as a leadership tool'. Find the report here. This [...]

The value of inclusive education


There is a growing diversity in today’s classrooms. More and more pupils come from different backgrounds, speak different languages and have different learning needs. If you want to experience how they handle inclusivity in the United Kingdom, we definitely recommend our course Inclusive education in a multicultural and multilingual context. During this course, we will [...]

10 reasons why Finland’s education system is the best in the world


Want to experience yourself why Finland's education system is the best in the world? (Pre)register for our EDUCAMP (educational innovation) in Finland which takes place from 24 - 28 January 2022 in cooperation with RIVERIA, Joensuu! Time and time again, American students continually rank near the middle or bottom among industrialized nations when it comes [...]



What is a flipped classroom? Flipped classroom is a “pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space, and the resulting group space is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where the educator guides students as they apply concepts and engage creatively in the subject matter” [...]



Simple interactive activities can support diverse learning needs How can I teach with this tool? BookWidgets allows teachers to create a ton of different types of interactive content. Examples of each type of widget are available to use as a template to start out, and a tutorial walks you through the steps. There are 40 different widgets [...]

7 Fresh, Meaningful Cooperative Learning Strategies


Tired of using the same cooperative learning strategies over and over again? Ditch think-pair-share and jigsaw and try some of these fresh, meaningful group learning strategies. Four Corners Students are given four choices. 2. Students record their answers. 3. The teacher designates one corner for each choice. 4. Students travel to the appropriate corner. 5. [...]



Tuesday, 20 April 2021 // 19.00h – 21.00h CET// €45 HOW TO DEAL WITH SOCIO-EMOTIONAL AND BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS IN THE CLASSROOM? (ONLINE WEBINAR – ZOOM) THE TEACHERS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, YES THEY CAN Goals This seminar intends to develop new methodological insights and techniques for teachers and other members of school staff or educational agencies, such as [...]