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  • Collaboration

Local partners organize these international courses in cooperation with Eekhout Academy.

The hosting partner organisation is Malmö Stad.

Malmö Stad



Pedagogisk inspiration Malmö

Rönnbladsgatan 1B

205 80 Malmö

  • What

The whole world is becoming increasingly permeated by technology. Our lives are increasingly taking place online and we are constantly connected.

And precisely because we are in such a digital age, it is important that everyone moves with the digitalisation. That includes children, preferably as early as possible. Because in order to function well in this society, it is essential that they are introduced the best way to digital life at a young age. This means that young children are introduced to the digital world already in kindergarten or at the latest during primary education.

In order to prepare children for that (digitised) future, digital literacy is one of the subject areas that is becoming extremely important.

Digital School
Digital School

Digital literacy consists of a combination of a number of digital skills:

  • Basic ICT skills: basic knowledge of how to use computers (safely).
  • Media literacy: conscious, critical, and active use of media.
  • Information skills: searching for, finding, and processing digital information.
  • Computational thinking: being able to solve problems with the aid of computers.

The question is, of course, how to gradually implement digitisation in a school. During this course, participants get an insight into how schools in Sweden are gradually immersed in the bath of digitalisation.

In this course we offer the opportunity to learn about the implementation of the digitalization process in combination with school visits where the participants can experience from first hand how this process was carried out. During these school visits there is ample possibility for interaction and exchange of ideas.

  • We start om Monday morning at 09.00 o’clock and end on Friday afternoon by 15.30 o’clock.
  • A course day has two sessions, 09.00-12.00 and 13.30-16.30 h. every time with a coffee break.
  • The sessions can comprise input, lectures, theoretical background, personal and group exercises,training, transfer exercises, school and study visits, discussion, collegial or professional dialogue and exchange of ideas.
  • During the course, there is also a cultural visit.
  • A detailed programme will be published several months before the course takes place.
  • Understand the effect of innovation as being a change;
  • Understand the relation between leadership, innovation and quality;
  • Collect the necessary materials to shape the hybrid school;
  • Apply the principles of a powerful learning environment to a multitude of digital and physical contexts;
  • Develop the necessary expertise, practices, and materials to broadly assess and provide customized support to learners through stronger (digital) data literacy in teachers;
  • Design projects and create attainable challenges to implement these solutions and projects in your own school or institution;
  • Improved competence of the use of colloquial English;
  • Improved knowledge of the Swedish and other European education systems;
  • Improved insight of differences and similarities between European countries, resulting in a better understanding and respect;
  • Pick up ideas from other countries which they can incorporate and transfer into their own practice.


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