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The basic line of the course is the quote of Edward De Bono; “The quality of our future depends on the quality of our thinking!”

So, what do we really need for deep and effective learning in education and life?

The course focuses on the necessary thinking processes for learning. We provide different frameworks for thinking such as the Bloom’s taxonomy, structured thinking of De Bono, critical thinking, growth mindset, philosophy, meta-learning and other major thinking frames.

We have a close look on what is happening inside the brain of the learner in order to adapt to the teaching and learning initiatives. During the course we learn about insights in different ways of thinking and define the relevance in learning.

We experience different tools for thinking in the classroom and teachers room. Valuable tools for building metacognition, self-regulation and critical thinking will be explored and provided as practical teaching material for teachers and school leaders.

The course methodology is based on social constructive learning and consists of teaching moments, interactive discussions, co-creative sessions, reflections to own context and is focused on implementation in the work field of the participants. An open sourced and free to use digital ‘knowledge wall’ will be constructed during the course by all participants.

Day 1
Focus 1: Urgency for thinking about thinking in education and frameworks for thinking (Blooms taxonomy revised)

Day 2
Focus 2: The Higher Order Thinking classroom Introduction
The thinking classroom and self-steering for pupils
The HOT classroom: teaching for thinking: 4 frameworks for teaching (critical thinking, productive thinking, creative thinking, philosophical thinking)
Lesson preparation for teaching activity.

Day 3
Focus 3: Formative assessment & feedback for self-regulating learning for students (Bateson&Dilts)
Asking questions and chunking as methodology for deeper thinking.

Day 4
Focus 4: Creativity can be learned, how to teach creativity to learners?

Day 5
Focus 5: Wrap up and action plan to become a teacher in the Higher Order Thinking Classroom


Interactive lectures and training moments to practice thinking skills.
Study visit to the Edward de Bono Thinking Institute



The seminar is organized in a hotel. There is an easy access from the airport.


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