22/04/2024 – 26/04/2024 Valencia (Spain)

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22/04/2024 – 26/04/2024 Valencia (Spain)

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  • Collaboration

Local partners organize these international courses in cooperation with Eekhout Academy.

The hosting partner organisation is MERAKI PROJECTES.

Meraki Projectes

Associaciò Meraki Projectes de Valencia

C/ Pintor Rafael Solbes, 1-8

46017 Valencia, Spain

OID: E10073459

  • What


 Yoga is an ancient technique, which has arrived to the present time to show us how to live in a better way, many teachers are being affected by an enormous amount of stress, this particular fact affect directly in the way they teach and their motivation inside the classroom.

During this course we will learn how to apply Yoga techniques to a classroom, how to breath in a particular situation, how to manage stress before assessments.


The methodology used in the course consists mostly on practical tasks with the teacher’s explanation of specific contents related to the objectives of the course. Constant feedback from the teacher will ensure that the concepts, tools and methods are acquired by all participants.

Final registration

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22/04/2024 – 26/04/2024 (Valencia)
If this date doesn’t suit you we can organise an additional session for your school/organisation if there are at least 12 participants.

Target group

Target group for this course are teachers, trainers, educational counsellors, career counsellors, school psychologists, headmasters, school management and administrative staff working in either primary schools, secondary schools, VET schools, training centers, adult education, higher education, kindergarten and NGO’s.
Please be aware that the course may include teachers from different school levels.


The course is organized in English

Day 1

  • Meraki Projectes presentation.
  • Valencian Education System Presentation.
  • Introduction of participating entities.
  • Yoga techniques to break the ice, an overview of the course.
  • Development of the main theory related to yoga in a classroom.

Day 2

  • Importance of Pranayama (conscious breathing) in classroom.
  • Finding different breathing tools according to each student.

Day 3

  • How to apply relaxation to gain attention in students.
  • Postures and Poses inside the classroom (standing and with chairs).
  • Yoga workshop 1.

Day 4

  • School Visit.

Day 5

  • Conclusions and certificate award.
  • Cultural visit.
  • To learn about how simple yoga exercises could improve motivation and attention inside the classroom.
  • To identify causes of stress inside the classroom and outside of it.
  • To Know about how ancient techniques are useful in daily situations.
  • To be able to use different Breathing tools to manage stress.
  • Practicalities


The course is organized on different locations: University of Valencia and at the visited schools.

There is a very easy access from the airport to the city centre with the metro.


– For a detailed explanation, have a look at our ‘Cost Structure‘.


– You can request an Erasmus Plus grant from your national agency which will cover almost all costs of this course.
– We can guide you through the process of funding and application. To do so, you need the make a pre-registration.
– After pre-registration, we’ll contact you by mail and provide the application help.


– There is a taxi service at the airport that can drive you to your hotel. The normal price is about € 20.


– You can take the metro located in the airport and leave the metro at the station closest to your hotel. Cost is approximately € 3.90 for the journey. Please find a metro map of Valencia right HERE.

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